SCENTMATIC is a startup company established in 2019. We commit to redefining the way humans interact with scent. More than just an IT startup, we are a collective aiming to create new value within the age-old realm of olfaction. By harnessing state-of-the-art technology, our mission is to deliver olfactory moments of delight. SCENTMATIC created KAORIUM, which is an entirely novel approach to fragrance exploration that decodes the enigmatic world of scents and helps people discover new fragrances intuitively through language. Consumers struggle both to understand what they like and how to communicate what they are looking for. KAORIUM aims to overcome these challenges. KAORIUM is not just a scent selection tool or a promotional gimmick, but an immersive experience that guides consumers through a sensory journey of smelling, reflection, and language to discover their own olfactory preferences.