The New Craftsmen

The New Craftsmen was established in 2012 as a platform for genuine and meaningful craft, playfully imagined and properly made by artisans of the British Isles. Founded on a belief in the joyful, enduring value of finely crafted wares, our pioneering initiative has grown to become a substantial community of makers with a rich variety of expertise, including textiles, furniture and pottery, lighting and artwork. With our makers we develop collections that reinvent traditional techniques and create contemporary work imbued with the specific cultures and places in which they take shape. Hammered, thrown, woven, gleaned, spun, spliced, bound, knotted, whittled, blown and dyed – every work is alive with the spirit of its making. Working across a generous range of scales – from a door handle to complete interiors – we also enable bespoke commissions and produce wholly unique projects. We make visible the life of things: useful, beautiful objects to enjoy every day.