Travel Things Museum

Travel Things Museum is a London-based, non-profit organisation, focused on the global modern culture and story discovery through travelling. Founded in 2019 by our curator and world traveller Jill Tsai, who has been fascinated by the diversity of the artisans she has encountered and the breadth and depth of skill in expressing their inspirational craft, to display the many “things” that have piqued her interest. Over time, her collection of objects, her travelogues and notes of the stories that support, animate and connect every trip she has made - to present her themed selection for you to reflect on. Travel Things Museum present through a mix of analogue and digital media. We produce regular publications, host in-person displays and seminars, talks and private or group shows in London and abroad. Hopes the museum activities will add to London’s rich multicultural landscape and enhance its already considerable reputation for the cultural arts.