Gideon Berger

Gideon has a background in music spanning 30 years. In addition to his practice as a recording artist, stage designer, and curator, he is a touring DJ and an avid collector vinyl. Gideon co-founded, co-created and curates Block9's festival nightlife institutions at Glastonbury: NYC Downlow, Genosys, Maceo's, and IICON. Gideon is founder and label boss at Homo-Centric Records, a label set up to showcase his own productions and to amplify the creative contributions of queer artists working in underground dance music. Together with Love Music Hate Racism, Gideon has organised major soundsystem interventions on many of the Stop Brexit, Stop Trump and Anti-Fascism protests in London. He is actively involved with fundraising for several LGBTQIA+, human rights and social justice organisations including AllOut, Prepster, Human Dignity Trust, and Refugee Community Kitchen.