Hirotaka Tako

In his role Tako leads the design teams in both the UK and Sweden. He worked as a designer for the Japanese bathroom brand TOTO before joining Sony in 2003. Tako was assigned to Design Centre Europe from 2006 to 2010, where he designed products for the European market and was involved in Sony’s exhibit at Milan Design Week 2010. After returning to Japan and being appointed Chief Art Director, Tako oversaw design development for TV, home audio, projector, and VAIO products as well as several R&D projects and new business categories. In 2018 he led Sony’s exhibition 'Hidden Senses' at Milan Design Week. His expertise has expanded from product design to creative direction in diverse fields including communication, UI/UX, interaction and space design. Tako has been honored with multiple design awards including the iF Design Award Gold, Red Dot Design Award Best of Best, Frame Award, and the JIPII (Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and innovation) National Commendation for Invention.