Nep Sidhu

Nirbhai (Nep) Singh Sidhu is a British-born, Toronto-based interdisciplinary artist who works through the metaphysics of form and spatial rhythm within the infinite arcs of community and self-expression. Through material investigations of textile, sculpture, painting, video, and sound, Sidhu's work seeks symbolic pathways that help realise the formlessness of the divine through endless possibility and search. He is a member of the Black Constellation collective, designs adornment and clothing under the moniker of Paradise Sportif, and has helped to run Sher-E-Punjab Boxing Academy for Women in Chakar, Punjab, with his family and a local community since 2009. Sidhu has exhibited at the Aichi Triennale, Nagoya City Museum, Japan; the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Scotland; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Detroit; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto; and the Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, among others.