Simone Brewster

Simone Brewster is an artist, designer, educator & cultural changemaker. Strongly grounded in craft, Simone uses her creative outputs as her voice, celebrating and sharing windows into varied Black female narratives and histories. Born and based in London, UK; the threads that flow throughout her work display a balance of function with beauty, a repurposing of the “ ethnic” and the “western” and a continuous playing with scale, materiality and architectural form. Brewster is the London Design Festival 2023 FestivalCommission and the Now Gallery 2023 Design Commission winning artist. Her pieces explore “intimate architectures”, a term she uses to describe the relationship that texture, shape and volume have on memory and emotion. As part of the Caribbean Diaspora, her work sits at the tension points between Western and African visual languages, bridging the gap between these two histories, and the materials, shapes and forms that are inherently imbued with culture and history.