Yves Béhar

Yves Béhar is a global leader in design and the Founder and Chief Designer of San Francisco-based fuseproject. A successful entrepreneur, Béhar has co-founded new companies such as August Home, FORME Life, and CANOPY and has partnered with titans of industry like Puma, Herman Miller, Swarovski, SodaStream, Nivea and more. Béhar has always pushed smart-home design in new and groundbreaking directions in order to integrate technology seamlessly, while adding more functionality to the home and its occupants. Béhar has focused fuseproject's efforts into the health and medical industry and created a medical ventilator as part of the CoVent-19 Challenge to meet the need for viable and affordable new ventilator designs. His humanitarian work includes One Laptop Per Child, which has given 2.5 million laptops to children in developing countries. He oversaw SPRING, an accelerator supporting entrepreneurs in East Africa and South Asia.