A conscientious online brand sees the light


Founded by Niki Wright and Scarlett Hampton in 2020, lights&lamps is a British brand focused on design solutions. Wright and Hampton have created an online marketplace for lighting that is refined and modern – but now it’s time to take the digital, physical. From marble floor lamps to oversized rattan pendants, the lights&lamps range is popping up in London and celebrating its circular design ethos.

Why did you decide to start lights&lamps?

We had been collecting ideas and designs for some time, and always knew we wanted to create our own brand. Timing was everything and when we saw a gap in the market and an opportunity to create an outlet for our portfolio of work, we jumped to it.

Why is now the time for a London pop-up?

We continue to surprise new customers and exceed the expectations of existing ones. A common comment we receive is, “It’s even better in real life!” Online retailing has many benefits, but we know our product deserves to be seen in the flesh. With a new collection and two very exciting design collaborations being launched, showcasing everything in a pop-up during London Design Festival felt the right thing to do.

Tell us about your fully recyclable packaging policy

The importance of design and detail can never be understated [and is] within everything we do at lights&lamps. That means that each and every piece we deliver has been thoroughly considered all the way through to the packaging.

The expertise of our production teams means that the packaging has been designed and made to the same exacting standards as our products. Plastics are only at trace level as part of fully recyclable materials; we certainly don’t use plastic bags or polystyrene. Our customers not only appreciate the quality of how we package our designs but also the convenience and ease of its disposal. It’s important to us, our customers and our environment that we have our fully recyclable packaging policy in place.