Creating a holistic home with Molteni&C

We require much more from our homes now than in decades gone by. Which is why Molteni&C is seriously considering the evolution of these spaces, with a collection that is geared towards a cosy, reassuring and welcoming pace of life. “The notion of protection, of shelter, is very important in my work and I think the collection reflects that well,” says Vincent Van Duysen, the Italian brand’s creative director. From its newly designed to heritage pieces, the aim is to create more convivial spaces that are a joy to live in.

Below, Giulia Molteni, chief marketing officer of the Molteni Group, discusses how to create a holistic home and shares the story behind the brand’s latest reissue, originally designed in 1930.

How should we approach creating a holistic home?

Creating a holistic atmosphere at home is all about giving importance to lightness, fluidity and nature. Light is an integral part of the design of a space, because it modulates the way the architectural composition is perceived and expressed. It’s about discovering the true essence of the element, preferring simple and multi-functional pieces.

'Living Box', a new architectural sideboard, is an example of a product that can be perfectly integrated into a holistic home. The design can be integrated into any space, and the clean lines and structure is inspired by architectural projects, such as a building or a stage for concerts. Nature is something that has to be enhanced in a holistic home: choosing neutral and light shades, earthy tones and natural materials, such as stones, marbles, veneers, plus rounded and soft shapes that recall natural elements.

Can you expand on the idea of fluidity?

The idea of lightness and fluidity is the main focus of Molteni&C’s 2022 project. A fluid home is a space to be welcomed into, where the connection between internal and external spaces is enhanced.

Fluidity is also linked to the adaptability of our products: our systems are 100% customisable and adaptable to everyone’s needs. It’s all about bespoke solutions, creating a space where you feel truly at home because you are part of the project, and where the Italian craftsmanship is evident in the quality of the pieces.

How does the Heritage Collection play its part?

Molteni&C has, since its inception, collaborated with great design masters, the likes of Afra and Tobia Scarpa, and Aldo Rossi, for example. This range safeguards that artistic and cultural heritage. We consider this collection a legacy to be treasured and enhanced. Since 2012, we have been reissuing iconic pieces by Gio Ponti, Werner Blaser and Yasuhiko Itoh, highlighting the importance of these Italian design masters. It’s about tracing the past with products that still feel contemporary. 

What’s the story behind the 'Blevio' table by Ignazio Gardella?

This table marks the first moment in a partnership with the Gardella Historical Archive, a collaboration that we wish to develop over the years to come.

Gardella designed 'Blevio' in 1930: he made a single model for his own family home, Villa Usuelli in Blevio on Lake Como. It is an extraordinarily harmonious and timeless piece of furniture, which today becomes collective heritage; it has never been produced in series before, which makes it even more special.

The original piece is coated in copper. However, as copper isn't an industrial material, Molteni&C has found a valid alternative in a metal powder varnish, which gives the same effect of solidity and artisanal shine, and confers greater resistance. As another option, 'Blevio' also comes with a unique Breccia Capraia marble slab as the table top, chosen by our creative director.

The mix between contemporary and timeless pieces, all linked through use of the same shapes, colours and materials, creates an eclectic mood that can be perfectly fitted into any home.

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