Visit vibrant waterside sculptures

Simone Brewster’s ‘Spirit Of Place’ sculptures have found a new waterside home in Canary Wharf.

Made using Amorim cork, the sculptures are a colourful addition to in Harbour Quay Gardens in Wood Wharf.

Originally commissioned for LDF23, the towering pieces tell a story of the future of cork forests that relies on “upright expression, drought resistance, regenerative growth, and biodiversity conservation”. The 5 sculptures invite audiences to roam around the area and explore different vantage points on the docks.

“If we use cork for more architectural purposes, we're helping fight against some of the key issues of our generation”

Brewster says, “it’s wonderful to know that ‘Spirit of Place’ has found a new home in such a distinct London location. The surroundings right by the water’s edge will give passers-by a great opportunity to view the sculptures. I'm sure at this time of year, the vibrant collection will continue to be enjoyed by passers-by and the local community, whilst continuing the necessary conversation within design about beauty and sustainability.”