Partner Programme

20 Sept 2022

Architecture / Landscape, Craft, Digital, Graphic Design & Visual Communications, Industrial & Product Design, Interiors & Furniture, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Service Design, Fashion & Textiles, Art / Collectibles, Urban Design

Ambassador's Official Residence

49 Belgrave Square



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In this ground-breaking design and crafts exhibition, we devote a day to the diversity of our culture through a sensory experience. We aim to open the doors of perception: visualising innovative objects, tasting and smelling food, wine and other Argentine delicacies.

What would creativity be without the senses? Would Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari Hardoy have created the BFK without their touch and sight? Would Alberto Churba, Diana Cabeza, Colette Boccara or Lucrecia Moyano be considered designers without their senses? A celebration of Argentine creativity through the five senses. An evening designed to enhance your experience of reality. SIGHT: Be captivated by Mercedes Costal’s work; channel your inner adventurer and make a foray into her striking landscapes; get mesmerized by the hypnotic power of multi-coloured rhombuses in Mantara’s tapestries, and by the bewildered movement that Eter Estudio creates on Milagros Pereda’s sculptures; keep staring into the fire of chapanegra’s grill, what thoughts come up? And what if Cabinet Oseo makes the invisible visible? TOUCH: The vegetable tanned leather of BlackÑandu’s Aura handbag, clutch and backpack; contrast its austere aluminium design with the soft and subtle shapes characterised by Matriz’s side tables, or with the purest sheep wool, baby llama and merino of Animana's and Illari's textiles, or even with the delicacy of the handmade flowers on Nikole Tursi’s headpieces. SMELL: Have you ever tried to smell organic fabrics? Give it a go with the agroecological cotton of Kalu Gryb’s designs and Velasco’s pieces; you can also sample the scents of the linen, raw silk and ecological bamboo fibres that Maydi combines in her collection. HEARING: Listen to the tunes of the O-Guitar, the percussion beats accentuated by the Oruga accessory, and your favourite song with Casa Capital’s coffee table, capable of playing music via Bluetooth through a vibration transmission system. Wait, have you heard Garcia Bello’s upcycled clothes, and do they recount stories from their past? TASTE: What if all these experiences could be heightened with the taste of some regional cuisine? How would you pace your way through the art works of The White Lodge with a glass of the finest Malbec wine? Would it taste different outdoors, or perhaps sat on Leticia Paschetta’s swing? Now, we invite you to take on this journey and make your own way to experimentation. The event will take place at the Ambassor's Official Residence and those who wish to attend will need to send an email to - Limited capacity