Art and Architecture Walking Tour of Battersea Nine Elms

Partner Programme

20, 23 Sept 2023

Architecture / Landscape, Art / Collectibles, Urban Design

Starting point - 11 Wilcox Road

11 Wilcox Rd



Did you see a pig fly and couldn’t believe your eyes? The largest regeneration project in Europe has some old stories. Explore Battersea Nine Elms with our guided walk - from the US Embassy to Battersea Power Station via Happy Street!

Discover iconic architecture and public works of art in Battersea Nine Elms. The area has attracted illustrious architects, institutions and businesses. It is also the home and workplace of people since before the project, and of those who moved here because of it. We will explore the history, future and lived experience of the area through art and architecture. Crossing the newly opened Arch 42, we will take a walk around the US Embassy. From there, we will see the floating village of Nine Elms that has witnessed the city grow around it. Finally, a walk down Happy Street to one of the icons of industrial Britain - Battersea Power Station. Along the way, we will see sculptures and artworks in public spaces. The experience will transform our neighbourhood into a gallery. Bring your camera or sketch book and let the city inspire you! We will meet at 11 Wilcox Road near the Rainbow Plaque for the film ‘My Beautiful Laundrette.’ The closest tube station to the starting point Nine Elms (Northern Line) and Vauxhall (Victoria Line). We end the walk 2km away and the closest tube station is Battersea Power Station (Northern Line.) Please get in touch if you have any access concerns or requirements.