Growth and Form - Gallery FUMI at 15

Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

16, 18 — 23 Sept 2023

Art / Collectibles

Gallery FUMI

2-3 Hay Hill




Curated by Libby Sellers, the exhibition celebrates the 15th anniversary of the gallery with newly commissioned pieces inspired by biologist D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson's work, delving into the dynamics between inner and outer form, growth patterns, adaptation, and regeneration.

Gallery FUMI presents a major group show curated by design historian Libby Sellers. The exhibition will explore the themes of Growth and Form, with pieces looking at the “dynamics between the inner and outer form: revealing the growth patterns of an object or material, and transformation through adaptation and regeneration”. The concept of the exhibition is inspired by the works of biologist D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson (1860-1948), specifically his 1917 publication On Growth and Form: a poetic and mathematical study of living forms “sprouting, ballooning, and metamorphosing into mathematically harmonious shapes”. Tapping into the creative affinity between science and art, the pieces created for the show displays fluid organic forms, natural materials and geometric structures.