Narrative Jewelry as a Catalyst for Social Conversations

Partner Programme

16 — 24 Sept 2023

Craft, Industrial & Product Design, Art / Collectibles, Materials

Discover how these projects catalyse dialogue on pressing issues and light-hearted topics, merging creativity with impact.

Jewellery goes beyond adornment, weaving tales that spark social conversations. During the London Design Festival, Kangyi Zhang is presenting a selection of artworks derived from five distinct projects. Further information and additional pieces can be explored on her website. Project 1: Penguin, Shrimp, Surrogacy This project is a personal interpretation based on the food chain and the processes and cases within the surrogacy industry. It presents a scenario in which a penguin seeks a shrimp as its surrogate mother, creating an unexpected imaginary situation that invites contemplation. This metaphorical exploration challenges prevailing social norms and encourages a re-evaluation of the perspectives embedded within societal constructs. Project 2: Don't Hit Me The aim of this project is to encourage parents to prioritize caring for their children - it is not acceptable to resort to violent means in any case. The artist analysed various scenarios of domestic violence towards children based on her own experiences in jewellery and the way to interact with the body. Project 3: Interpreting Principle This project explores the theories from Economics, and Marketing. The artist's bachelor's degree helped to uncover intriguing principles by jewellery, introducing these theories in an unexpected way. Project 4: Agricultural Myth In China, the merging of cutting-edge mechanized farming practices with deeply rooted cultural beliefs creates a unique blend of modern technology and ancient traditions. This project weaves a narrative that explores the intriguing imagination of technology being an extension of the gods' blessings upon the grain harvest. Project 5: Fall Drawing from the artist's personal experience regarding tripping over, this project initiates a dialogue and contemplation about the importance of being attentive to concealed hazards and the fragility of bones. With the aim of capturing the interest of young individuals, a series of jewellery accessories have been designed, aligning with their aesthetic preferences.