Partner Programme

16 — 24 Sept 2023

Architecture / Landscape, Craft, Industrial & Product Design, Interiors & Furniture, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Art / Collectibles, Materials

Fels Gallery

209 Brompton Road



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Fels presents The Farm Shop - a collaborative project curated by Marco Campardo, Guan Lee and Luca Lo Pinto bringing together designers, architects and studios to realise a functional exhibition space and collection of site-inspired dining homeware designed and produced at Grymsdyke Farm, Buckinghamshire.

Grymsdyke Farm is a research facility, fabrication workshop and living-working space with a particular interest in the essential connections between processes of design, making and situation. Through its communal and collaborative approach, this is a place where people can exchange ideas, working methods, and expertise. Over the summer of 2023, each designer was invited to partake in a residency on the farm and utilise the facilities to produce one element of a dining collection. Thinking about the relationship of people and the spaces they live in, the designers examine how setting and community inform design and how it connects us to the people and places around us. The outcomes are direct engagements with the farm’s local community and material palette and explore where the things around us come from and how we can care for them. Functioning as an interactive space for visitors to engage, the exhibition at London Design Festival presents the collection as a whole for the first time and celebrates the conviviality of the objects we live with. As part of the programme The Farm Shop will host a series of three happenings conceptualised and curated by Luca Lo Pinto. Within the setting of the exhibition, amongst the objects, invited artists will blur the boundaries of art and utility, exploring what we consume and how we consume.