Experimental Art from Mumbai in the Heart of Shoreditch

Partner Programme

19 — 20 Sept 2023

Interiors & Furniture, Art / Collectibles

Gallery Space in the Heart of Shoreditch

3 Scrutton St, (next to The Fox Pub)





All there is to see is made with Love from India. 6 Art and Light Installations explored by Atelier ARBO from Mumbai, India experiments with the woven art inspired by Indian Women and their spirit for life.

This marks our beginning for experimenting with the weaving tradition from India and celebrating the simplicity of paper art techniques learnt from Japan. The design sensibilities are simple yet magnificent. Atelier ARBO is a young architecture practice which has evolved with respect towards traditional art and history from India. Architect Rinka D’Monte believes in collaborative processes and has curated a modern perspective with these art and light installations. The exhibition aims to present 6 pieces of illuminated artworks made by a team of Architects and Craftsmen from Mumbai. Over the past couple of years Indian textiles, flatweaves, cane, bamboo, jute, cardboard, recycled paper, woollen yarn and many more sustainable and locally sourced materials have been a part of the firm’s experimentation for different architectural projects and Interior products. Some of the materials used are wastes collected from weavers, wood workers and printing shops. As a woman architect, she draws inspiration from women of different walks of life through various collaborations and projects. Resilient Indian women are a great inspiration for today as they are not limited to home but are equally contributing to building our nation. They inspire us in our practice. A huge part of our gratitude is towards our team of women Siddhita Salunke, Shrutika Patil, Divya Wadgama, Charmie Daftary and Aishwarya Tatke. Along with them Architect Samir D’Monte has been a great support system to the firm. Experimental Art from Mumbai at the Heart of Shoreditch is a display of hands-on experimental works of illuminated art made by the studio (team of women) celebrating the traditional weaves and paper folds. Each artwork is produced by carefully studying the process to honour its detailed order, patterns and the discipline. With an environmentally conscious approach to design these installations are curated to give one a sense of balance and ease. The artworks on display will be later available for sale along with a few more craft items. Come along and join us for a weaving and paper art workshop in London and take away a memorable experience.