Partner Programme

18 — 22 Sept 2023

Craft, Industrial & Product Design

Jasper Morrison Shop

24b Kingsland Road


E2 8DA

This exhibition illuminates the qualities of bamboo as a material for the modern world. A selection of hand-crafted objects from Japan shows bamboo’s use in the household and in industry, its strength and versatility, and the skills and techniques that work it. These shapes and patterns hold much to inspire the eye.

This exhibition is an especially edited version of 'Our Bamboo: Exploring Materials' by Japan Creative, shown at the Triennale in Milan in April 2023. It reflects Jasper's longstanding interest in bamboo, as a humble material, easily grown, that can be crafted into beautiful objects of many different kinds. Also on show during London Design Festival is Jasper's new Table Clock for Hay, a new wine cooler made of cork, and A Way of Life: Notes on Ballenberg, a newly published book to which Jasper is a contributor.