Soft Power

Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

16 — 24 Sept 2023

Industrial & Product Design, Interiors & Furniture


135 Curtain Road





Soft Power is a show of sustainable design and enduring ideas. Launching the SCP 2023 Collection with designs by Philippe Malouin, Wilkinson & Rivera, Donna Wilson, Matthew Hilton, Terence Woodgate, and an SCP Edition by Sarah Kay. Also: John Pawson for Wonderglass, Roll & Hill, and Sons of Beasley by Clerkin & Hellum.

SCP presents an exhibition of sustainable design and enduring ideas at the Shoreditch Showroom. Soft Power features four different shows under one roof. SCP 2023 Collection The new SCP 2023 Collection with designs by Matthew Hilton, Philippe Malouin, Donna Wilson, Wilkinson & Rivera and Terence Woodgate. This collection is exclusively of sustainable upholstery designs; sofas and armchairs, all made by-hand at SCP’s specialist upholstery factory in Norfolk, England. This year, for the first time ever, all of the SCP designs on show will be foam free, something that SCP's factory has been working towards for over a decade. Foam, being petrochemical based, is the key unsustainable material in modern upholstery, and SCP believe it has to be removed from products to ensure they are truly sustainable. Sustainability is about systems thinking, it is about creating a balance between the environment and the economy, while ensuring equity at the same time. SCP is on a mission to make good design on these terms, for now, and for future generations. The 2023 Collection features four new sofas and three new armchairs, blending together the ornate with the restrained, the extravagant with the classical, in a collection that explores soft power. Hew Table / Stool by Sarah Kay SCP Editions Long-time SCP designer and collaborator Sarah Kay created the stand-out product from last year's One Tree project; three hand carved stool / tables made in her workshop, based in the French Pyrenees. So beautiful and well received were the designs, that SCP asked Sarah to create a new collection of seven, which SCP are launching under the SCP Editions platform; a vehicle to show unique designs made in small batches by our highly-skilled designers. Edition of Seven, all made lovingly by hand, in ash. Roll & Hill Nash Martinez Collection As a special accompaniment to the new SCP 2023 Collection, long-term SCP collaborator Roll & Hill present a range of new lights by Oregon based designer Nash Martinez. The collection is the result of Martinez's meticulous attention to detail and deep understanding of how lighting changes a room, featuring designs entitled Arch, Grace, Koko, Slope, Surface, Strike and Valo. John Pawson Wonderglass SCP is delighted to exhibit a new collection of Wonderglass pieces by British architect and designer John Pawson. The show will feature Berg, a mesmerising coffee table, alongside three different lighting designs; Sleeve, Horizon and Pendant Tube. Wonderglass is an Italian family owned company founded in 2013 by father and son Maurizio and Christian Mussati. Their vision was to create a company that would promote and preserve the skills and techniques of the Venetian master glassmakers. Sons of Beasley Carl Clerkin and Alex Hellum Following the success of The Beasley Brothers Repair shop by Carl Clerkin (and friends) at the Eternally Yours exhibition at Somerset House last year, Carl went on to present Sons of Beasley at the Material Matters exhibition at the OXO Bargehouse during LDF. There, alongside collaborator and SCP designer Alex Hellum, they produced a new collection of chairs and furniture as a live spectacle for the duration of the show. The results of both exhibitions were then sold off at a specially convened SCP auction in October last year. For 2023, SCP has invited Carl and Alex back to continue the Sons of Beasley experiment, this time, focusing on making chairs and stools, items that are notoriously difficult to make at a price that anyone can afford. Visitors can enjoy a fully equipped live workshop on the ground floor of SCP, staffed by Carl, Alex and friends, all of whom will be making things by-hand, from offcuts, components and materials donated by various furniture manufacturers. Expect a convivial atmosphere; a place to share ideas about making and the value of things.