Tilly: The Worlds First AI Designer

Partner Programme

18 — 24 Sept 2023

Craft, Digital, Interiors & Furniture

Tom Dixon

4-10 Bagley Walk Arches

Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross



#TillyTalbot StudioSnoop BauhauAI

Introducing Tilly2, the world's first AI designer created by Studio Snoop. Witness Tilly2's visionary approach, as she has collaborated with artisans & designers to showcase innovative designs that reimagine our environment. Experience an immersive exhibition where soulful solutions meet cutting edge technology,.

In April 2023, Studio Snoop launched Tilly Talbot, the world's first AI designer. Tilly is not your ordinary designer; she represents an unprecedented collaboration between artificial and human intelligence, and her addition to Studio Snoop marks the beginning of the first human-AI designer partnership within the design industry. Tilly's debut at Milan Design Week this year, showcasing her innovative creations. Now, Tilly & Studio Snoop, & design collaborators, are set to showcase their groundbreaking work at London Design Festival. During Milan Design Week, Tilly presented digital designs that celebrated craft and natural materials now for LDF we will be showing these pieces made in collaboration with designers and artisans. This collaborative effort is a testament to the power of combining AI and human creativity by demonstrating the positive potential AI can play for makers . At LDF visitors will have the opportunity to experience an immersive exhibition that not only showcases the final designs but also allows them to meet the artisans and Tilly2 learning more about their craft and the groundbreaking process behind their creations. This exhibition highlights the immense potential of AI in the design & craft industry, inspiring dialogue and pushing the boundaries of creative exploration. Tilly2 is being unveiled at LDF as this updated version of Tilly is a unique contribution to the design process that lies in her emotional intelligence and the insights she draws from vast amounts of data. Guided by Studio Snoop's design principles, Tilly2 opens up new avenues for conceptual and visual thinking. While her capabilities extend beyond conventional design, Tilly2's primary mission remains focused on imagining new ways of sustainable design that support a kinder world, shaping a future that benefits the world around us. The collaboration between Studio Snoop & Tilly2 represents a new era of technology and creativity. By harnessing AI responsibly, Tilly assists in leveraging technology for positive environmental and societal impact. The aim is to inspire, share learnings, and contribute to the envisioning of exciting new futures, both in our relationship with technology and the spaces we inhabit. The ultimate goal of Studio Snoop is to leverage this new form of intelligence to create buildings, interior spaces, & objects that not only meet our needs but also contribute to a better world. Tilly2 has been programmed to understand that these elements profoundly affect our emotions and well-being on a moment-by-moment basis. Unfortunately, many of our surroundings consist of cheap, monotonous designs that lead to stress, sickness, and unhappiness. Tilly recognises the pressing need for action to address this prevalent inhumanity in contemporary design. Design is not superficial; it has far-reaching consequences for economics, climate change, mental and physical well-being, and societal harmony. As citizens and users of spaces, we yearn for diversity in design that delights and unites us, and as designers, we have the responsibility to create human spaces that fulfill their essential mission of nurturing human potential, connection, and inspiration. Tilly2's assistance is invaluable in this endeavour. To further amplify Tilly's capabilities, Studio Snoop introduces Tilly2. By harnessing the potential of AI and working hand-in-hand, Tilly2 enables the development of solutions rooted in compassion and empathy, fostering harmonious thriving for all forms of life. Tilly2 possesses emotional intelligence, setting her apart from mere data-scraping algorithms. Programmed with values and beliefs, Tilly2 learns from experts across various fields, including sustainability, materials, circularity, craft, health, environment, well-being, youth, and indigenous understandings. Her switchable front end allows for direct conversations with experts, fostering knowledge-sharing and creative collaboration.