Georgia Wang: Delighted Participation and Showcase at London Design Festival, Where Pride Shines!

Partner Programme

16 — 24 Sept 2023

Craft, Art / Collectibles


27-29 brook street,


w1K 4HD


Georgia Wang, Founder of her eponymous jewellery brand since 2019. Breaking boundaries, challenging stereotypes. Inclusivity is our design philosophy, transcending age, gender, and orientation. Proud finalist at UK Jewellery Festival, NAJ Awards, Professional Jeweller Awards, and GIT’s World Jewellery Design Awards.

Georgia Wang Presents Two Collections at London Design Festival: Redamancy Collection: Redamancy is the act of love returned in full, a theme inspired by nature's beauty and mystique. We've harnessed the power of purple crystals in delicate cotton-shaped designs. Purple symbolizes enlightenment, spirituality, and strength, exuding elegance and mystery. Our pieces align perfectly with this year's festival theme, evoking empowerment and inner serenity. Secret that can't be told Collection: Our second collection addresses the pressing issue of domestic violence. Victims often suffer in silence due to shame. We aim to raise awareness across all ages and genders, transcending the focus on women alone. Our gender- and age-neutral designs symbolize the stages of healing, providing a platform for reflection and empathy. Join us at the festival to experience these powerful narratives through our jewellery."