Bringing the Lab to Life

Partner Programme

21 Sept 2023

Digital, Graphic Design & Visual Communications, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Education

The Francis Crick Institute

1 Midland Road London



Bringing the Lab to Life - an in-conversation breakfast event exploring how Design Connects Science with Society.

Our DNA is the ultimate blueprint in design. And genome editing technologies enable precise modifications to an organism's DNA, allowing scientists to insert, delete, or alter specific DNA segments. This revolutionary science could help tackle climate change and treat disease, but it comes with huge ethical questions too. As with AI, these technologies are already shaping the future, but how much do we know about them and their potential impact on our lives? And what is the role of design in helping people to better understand, grapple with and participate in the rapidly evolving science of our time? Join Sarah Douglas, Director of The Liminal Space for a lively conversation with researchers Güneş Taylor, Postdoctoral Fellow at The Francis Crick Institute and Dr Cian O’Donovan, Senior Research Fellow at UCL. The Liminal Space purpose-led creative agency that specialises in using design to connect the public with complex and topical social issues. The event will take place in the Liminal Space designed Cut + Paste exhibition at The Francis Crick Institute. Featuring multi-sensory games and mind-bending patterns spliced from real genetic code, the exhibition invites us to explore the ultimate blueprint in design: our DNA.