Creative Experience – From Argentina to the World

Partner Programme

17 — 18, 20 — 25 Sept 2022

Architecture / Landscape, Craft, Digital, Graphic Design & Visual Communications, Industrial & Product Design, Interiors & Furniture, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Fashion & Textiles, Art / Collectibles, Materials

Ambassador's Official Residence

49 Belgrave Square



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As an alternative to the dystopian narratives, "Creative Experience - From Argentina to the World" finds hope in design and its great ability to imagine still-possible futures where nature and humans coexist in perfect harmony with the hope to trigger a creative dialogue between the past and the future.

Through its participation in the “Championed Partner” category at the London Design Festival, the exhibition “Creative Experience – From Argentina to the World” celebrates design conceived in a conscious way, valuing possible contributions to the care of life and to the coexistence between existing humans and non-humans. A design that emerges both from the richness of our natural landscapes, and from the daily life of urban areas. While focusing on functionality, Argentine creativity also aims to create solutions for new social and environmental problems. Today more than ever, survival requires transformations that are in harmony with geographies, local cultures and the preservation of life. An ethic of care as an alternative to production that destroys and kills. Through design, we do not seek to transform and dominate nature, but to find ways to preserve fragile balances. We do this by generating dialogues between the present, the past, and the future, visualising and creating spaces, paving the way for the reconfiguration of humans. For this reason, each intervention in the Argentine residence will be that of storytelling, representative of an identity that will point towards possible futures. Futures in which both technology, design and crafts can contribute knowledge and visions for a shared world. We want this exhibition to be an invitation to Argentina, to its vast territory, its natural treasures, and its unique cultural heritage. Native materials will coexist with sustainable technological solutions through materials of the highest quality that preserve ethical and sustainable production processes. For the survival of our planet, changes in consciousness are essential. This will only take place through new ways of coexistence and listening, practices that reduce the impact of humans on other lifeforms and balance between technology and terrestrial ecosystems. Design from the Global South must take responsibility for building a sustainable future which isn’t based on extractivism, destruction and massive depredation. The event has included designers from all backgrounds all over the country. Since what is at risk in today's world is not just ecosystems, but diverse life forms, ancestral heritages and societies, we attach great importance to the contexts of each object which is central to the experience of this exhibition. The materiality of these designs could not have been produced far from their history, their situation, and their roots. We want to reflect visions and cosmovisions, visual memories, intervene in debates about the social, ethnic, artistic and even political heritage of our creativity, straying away from already established designers. Today, the most disruptive thing is to be sustainable: the community of Argentine designers aims to build sustainable futures, to rescue the value of our history and our culture, to enhance it through an inclusive approach. Under innovative parameters, the selected projects respond to specific difficulties typical of an era where the pressures we exert on the planet have become such a great risk that it not only threatens human survival, but the whole ecosystem. Curated by leading entities in the sector, "Creative Experience - From Argentina to the World" seeks to position Argentine design on the international stage, revealing the various creative processes based on research, experimentation and innate curiosity.