Design for Better 2.0 - Talk

Partner Programme

21 — 23 Sept 2022

Graphic Design & Visual Communications, Multi-Disciplinary Design

Design for Better 2.0

135, Bethnal Green Road



E2 7DG


Design for Better 2.0 is a celebration of designing in ways that are better for people, the planet and business. In a packed three-day event, The Future Collective will co-host a series of engaging talks, panel discussions and creative workshops exploring the themes of circularity, social cause and becoming a B Corp.

Now in its second year, Design for Better 2.0 will draw together a powerful mix of designers and makers, crafters and carers, scientists and storytellers, strategists and visionaries. Join us as they share their unique stories and perspectives about treading a new path and creating positive change and impact. Matt Parry, co-founder of the strategic design consultancy The Future Collective, comments, “A radical, restorative and regenerative approach to business is becoming an imperative and there has never been a more important time to consider how we can all Design for Better. We couldn’t be more excited about such a visionary and diverse line-up of speakers. It’s time for radical change and reinvention; equally it’s time to do the right thing. To instil new practices and find new ways. To give back and pay forward. To design with conscience and care.” A full programme will be announced shortly, focusing on the following three key themes: Circularity Better design is circular. It’s clear that a more circular design industry requires a collective effort, and the key lies in agile thinking, with an innovation-first mindset. This will drive competitive advantage in tomorrow’s companies, as well as fundamentally reshaping the way we interact with products and brands. On Wednesday 21st September (from 2 - 4:30pm) we will be joined by IKEA as they describe their vision for the Atelier100 concept, along with many other visionaries who will be exploring the theme of ‘Circularity’ in detail. Celebrating radical positive change and impact, and highlighting the opportunities that lie ahead. Social Cause Better design puts people first. It’s more important than ever to take a human-centred approach to business. Building a culture of accessibility, inclusivity and empathy; supporting people in their daily lives while also taking greater responsibility to address wider social issues in an authentic and relevant way. On Thursday 22 September (from 2 - 4:30pm) we will be speaking with Aesop and Space10, alongside many other truly inspirational people. Exploring the ways in which brands can create value in society and give back; through involvement in philanthropic initiatives, creating opportunities for empowerment and supporting people in their wellness and mental health. B Corp Better design is transparent. From the biggest of brands to the smallest of startups, the B Corp certification unites those with the vision to put people and planet before or alongside profit; taking an impact-driven approach with authentic purpose at the heart of the business model. In a forum hosted by B Lab, many of the guiding lights in the B Corp community will be gathering together with us on Friday 23 September (from 2 - 4:30pm) to share their individual stories and perspectives about what it really means to them to be part of the B Corp community and movement.