Designer Jewellery & Metalwork Showroom

Partner Programme

16 — 24 Sept 2023

Craft, Industrial & Product Design, Art / Collectibles, Materials


16 Chance Street


E2 7JB

#LDF23 Alsolike Jewellery Metalwork ContemporaryJewellery Silversmith Craft

Alsolike will host a Jewellery & Metalwork Showroom and an exhibition, featuring approximately 20 unique and exquisite brands and artists. This event is targeted towards retailers, buyers, collectors, and guests, providing an extraordinary opportunity to discover fresh design concepts that stand out from the crowd.

Alsolike is a multi-brand boutique specialising in jewellery and objects dedicated to creating a connection between art objects and everyday life. With a focus on craftsmanship, materials, structure and texture, the shop discovers and supports independent designer brands with an elegant and unique style that aims to be a filter for customers when choosing jewellery, accessories and homeware. In this exclusive showcase, we are excited to introduce a selection of designer jewellery brands that are making their debut in the UK at the Shoreditch Design Triangle. These brands will be unveiling their latest collections for the Spring/Summer 2024 season at our showroom. Each piece has been meticulously handpicked for its exceptional quality, captivating aesthetics, and distinct features. Many of these designers are graduates of renowned art institutions. After years of dedicating themselves to building their brands worldwide, they are now presenting their creations in the UK for the first time. As part of the showroom experience, we are also hosting a captivating exhibition entitled "Infinite Dimensions: Unveiling Miniature," specifically dedicated to small-scale art pieces. Unlike traditional group exhibitions where smaller artworks often go unnoticed, this exhibition focuses on showcasing the materials, craftsmanship, and intricate details of miniature artworks. It presents the latest works of local makers within the past year, highlighting their artistic growth and innovation. Prepare yourself for an encounter with extraordinary finds that are rarely seen in the UK. Join us as we celebrate these exceptional brands' innovative and distinctive creations, where art and craftsmanship intertwine to offer a truly unique and inspiring experience. Brands: A-D-Just Aeolus Ivy J Studio L’elemento M.Wong Moonbank RoundFace Sounder Wang Sphinxy Susi Somos Toggler Artists: Anja Hessler Chenxi Zhou Dixin Zheng Haozhe Chang Isabella Bedlington Jacky Oliver Kangyi Zhang Lois Lo Wenyin Jiang Yiru Zhang Yuchen Wang Yumeng Wu Zhan Zhan Zhaohan Li Ziye Cao Curator: Cristella Chang Ruby Huang Yiru Zhang Sponsor: Arthology Education Hackney Council