Discover Arper’s Project of Living

Partner Programme

20   —    23 Sep 2022

Interiors & Furniture

Arper Showroom

11 Clerkenwell Road




During London Design Festival Arper presents The Project of Living, a reflection on the constant evolution of physical spaces and relationships. Explore the brand’s new 2022 collection supporting all of life’s activities and rooted in values of comfort, warmth, inspiration and harmony.

Arper’s newly restyled London showroom will be the perfect setting to explore Arper’s new concept The Project of Living. As new boundaries between home and work emerge, everything is in flux and anything is possible. We all want to live more seamlessly, more flexibly, more sustainably, more inspired. At Arper, we create new spaces that explore these possibilities. With harmonious forms, dynamic colour, and versatile systems that allow us to change and grow. With diverse perspectives and ideas that shape what is next. With responsive design that helps us live better with our planet. Visitors to Arper’s Clerkenwell showroom can discover The Project of Living whilst being immersed in a selection of fluid settings, aimed to encompass everyday life’s activities in a positive, soft and colourful way. Latest 2022 collection on display include: Shaal by Doshi Levien - Structured and soft like a basket of pillows, Shaal wraps around us in a welcoming embrace, inviting tactility and warmth into any space, from residential to contract. New for 2022, Shaal expands Arper’s sofa offering, marrying exceptional comfort and flexible modular configuration. A supportive shell cradles Shaal’s deep cushioning, elevating the gracious form off the ground. Shaal’s distinctive design is derived from its dualities: generous yet weightless, anchoring yet adaptable, sustainable yet luxurious. Create the hospitality of home, anywhere. Aeeri by Peter Kunz - Like origami creations that fold paper into form, Aeeri bends a single sheet of steel into a slender, sculptural table. Incredibly thin and light, Aeeri radically dematerializes the table with a minimalist gesture, tracing the form’s line to find its very essence. The result is a table that’s pure and clean, timeless and elegant. At once strikingly thin yet sturdy and sound, Aeeri appears created through sheer magic. Ghia by Altherr Désile Park - Expressive spatial landscapes unfold with the new Ghia collection of low tables. Ghia’s soft, sculptural forms and tactile, nature-inspired materials balance the geometric and the organic, infusing a sense of harmony and calm. With its countless configuration options, Ghia invites curiosity and customization through perpetual reinvention. Whether adapting a singular statement piece for a new setting, or creating a constellation of diverse forms, any object becomes more meaningful when you make it your own. Oell by Jean-Marie Massaud - The equilibrium between utility and beauty finds elegant expression in Oell. This sculptural side table balances on a cylindrical base as smooth and substantial as a stone. Designed to serve in all settings, Oell’s offset leg and cantilevered table top nestle astride an armchair or a sofa, presenting a convenient, comfortable surface for working, reading, or dining. Essential in form and exquisite in material expression, Oell is quiet but full of character, always at the ready and never in the way. Juno 02 by James Irvine - Juno 02 embodies new possibilities for plastic with a whisper, not a shout. In 2012, Juno redefined the plastic chair with the minimal gesture of its slim silhouette. Now, years later, Juno 02 reimagines this enduring expression in sustainable plastic and a new palette inspired by the natural world. At once elegant and efficient, simple and sleek, its subtle texture and finish bring refined materiality to the classic form.