Eco Design and Materials Library

Partner Programme

18   —    26 Sep 2021

EDGE Showroom


Marylebone Road




EDGE showroom and materials library will be hosting inspiring events throughout the week including topics on eco design through recycled materials, using natural and sustainable materials in the home for better health and wellbeing, biophilic design though to passive house and carbon neutral building materials.

With 80% of our time spent indoors, personal and ecological wellness as well as the yearning and thirst for sustainability, circular economy, longevity and zero waste are becoming key factors in day-to-day living. Throughout the week of 18-26th September EDGE will be hosting events on the topic of Eco Design in the home aswell as well as the office. We invite architects, designers, specifiers and the general public to come and see and feel materials and products that are used in building and designing more environmentally conscious. Further, EDGE is working with industry partners to tackle the ongoing yet rapidly growing need for better interior design and build solutions. We seek and promote material manufacturers that: • Consciously endeavour to choose raw materials based on provenance and quantity required • Aim to reduce the energy needed and pollution created in the production and transportation of their materials • Reuse resources and waste • Create regenerative materials • Utilise closed-loop production methods. We are working with Kerakoll Design House, Mater, Mobilane, Nibe, Newton Waterproofing Systems, Smile Plastics, Silestone, Bolon and many more.