Festival Commission

18 — 24, 26 Sept 2021

Craft, Industrial & Product Design

Coal Drops Yard, Kiosk N1C

108 Lower, Stable St



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Peter Marigold is bringing back the nostalgia of creating cardboard models and highlighting the potential of the material that is usually considered as consumer waste. He has invited a global cohort of creatives to design an object that can be made in cardboard.

These sketches have been turned into digital plans, which can be fed into a CNC machine that cuts out the finished template which can be made by visitors to the exhibition using waste cardboard from Coal Drops Yard. The interactive installation hopes that by engaging the visitors with well-designed objects using this humble material; the erroneous hierarchy of materials that we have been trained to perceive can be addressed. The designs will be available for the public to build for free at the exhibition with support from workshop assistants. Visitors will have an opportunity to walk away with an original collectible object which they have invested their time into crafting. The pieces made at the show will be stamped and numbered while the plans will be available online to download for everyone to create at home. Participating designers: Sebastian Bergne, Jurgen Bey, Campana Brothers, Eyal Burstein, Chen Chen and Kai Williams, Tom Dixon, Daniel Eatock, Glithero, Marti Guixe, Asif Khan, Max Lamb, Peter Marigold, Michael Marriot, Gareth Neal, Liliana Ovalle, T Sakhi, Study O Portable, Yuri Suzuki and Faye Toogood.