Flux Installation by Haberdashery at Design London

Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

21   —    24 Sep 2022

Architecture / Landscape, Interiors & Furniture, Multi-Disciplinary Design

Magazine London

11 Ordnance Crescent

Greenwich Peninsula


SE10 0JH

London-based design studio Haberdashery will be lighting up Design London with an installation of their design favourite Flux. The installation will shine with its slender glass tubes suspended from minimal ceiling plates and come alive with animated light streaming down from above.

Flux is an embodiment of the energy and state of constant change experienced in the thriving city of London. Within this piece, clusters of slender glass tubes are alive with animated light streaming downwards in an infinite cycle. A unique lighting effect brings a sense of calm wonder to this stunning lighting centrepiece. Within the composition drops of light glide effortlessly down the length of each tube, providing cascading light in a constant state of flux. Using technology developed exclusively by Haberdashery, the final installation can be simply toggled between a static, dimmable light, and the gentle animated effect with each tube displaying a unique, randomly generated flow of light.