Future Fabrics Expo Open Studio

Partner Programme

18, 20, 22 Sept 2023

Fashion & Textiles, Materials

Future Fabrics Expo Showroom

Unit GU1.24, Grand Union Studios

332 Ladbroke Grove


W10 5AD

#FutureFabricsExpo MaterialsRevolution LearningBySourcing

The Sustainable Angle is a not-for-profit organisation and founders of #FutureFabricsExpo, which has been ongoing for over a decade and was then established as a UK Limited Company in 2018. The Expo is the largest dedicated showcase of certified, innovative, and sustainable material solutions for the fashion industry.

If you missed the 2023 edition of the Future Fabrics Expo, held in June, don't miss this opportunity to delve into the West London studio resource of the largest dedicated global sourcing destination of diverse, commercially available, sustainably produced textiles and materials for the fashion industry. Explore our collection of best practice materials in all fibre categories and learn about impacts by sourcing, and be part of the movement to galvanise the industry around the critical imperative for sourcing responsibly. Discover the inspiration and excitement around sustainability and gain insights into the work of first-in-class innovators who are developing positive solutions for the fashion industry of tomorrow. Register today to browse our London Showroom! Source best practice sustainable materials from our collection - Discover a vast range of material qualities in our showcase, from hundreds of international suppliers and mills who are offering innovative solutions with a lower environmental footprint - Contextual material description displayed alongside all materials, including certifications and supplier contact details. - Explore innovations and emerging material technologies currently used in the industry