Partner Programme

16 — 19 Sept 2023

Interiors & Furniture, Materials

Osmose Studio Pop-up

37 Hoxton Street


N1 6LT

Join Osmose Studio's first ever London pop-up shop for a real fungi foray that is unearthing the wonderful world of mycelium. From sustainable design workshops to inspiring talks, activities will underpin the launch of Osmose Studio's first mycelium furniture range - made from 100% organic agricultural waste.

Pushing the boundaries of a new Bio-revolution, Mycelium Unearthed aims to propose a different future where humans and other living beings are working together to find an ecological balance. As Osmose Studio’s first ever pop-up, it celebrates the launch of their exploration with fungi for the home. For those who are interested in knowing more about the circular economy, Osmose Studio has curated a range of forward-thinking talks and workshops on various topics such as regenerative design, materials, craft and circular fashion. While mycelium was there before humans even appeared on the surface of the earth, it is seeing a resurgence in our current material and climate crisis. From building materials, to vegan leather and therapeutic uses, fungi are teaching us the ever-lasting lesson that nature is a virtuous cycle. Fungi are the 21st century super heroes : they can breakdown plastic, reverse neurological damage - and yet they have so much more to teach us. With 5+ years experience, Osmose Studio was co-founded by Aurelie Fontan, a bio-designer, and Ashley Granter, product designer, who connected their passion for positive impact in design and circular system thinking. The studio is specialised in myco-materials, with a list of A-list clients such as The Ledbury (Notting Hill) and the Angel at The Hetton (Yorkshire Dales), two Michelin Star restaurants, as well as Sebastian Cox, Central St Martins, The Royal College of Art and many more. Pioneering this emerging craft of “growing” objects from fungi, the studio has developed a virtuous local and circular supply chain where agricultural by-product is transformed into furniture pieces that reveal the wonders fungi can bring us for a renewed connection with nature. All the pieces showcased in the pop-up have been manufactured with 100% organic materials, including a few wooden chairs by Welsh furniture designer Dylan Glyn. Designed by co-founder Aurelie Fontan, a range of Osmose’s naturally dyed clothing will high-light another aspect of the studio’s work within natural resources. In the same spirit as Entangled Life by Merlin Sheldrake and Fantastic Fungi by Paul Stamets, Osmose Studio aims to support this rediscovery - or unearthing - of fungi. This time however, we explore bringing them into our homes ! Please refer to the London Design Festival page on Osmose with our hyperlink to see the list of events available.