Going Beyond Sustainability

Partner Programme

17 Sept 2022



1st Floor c/o CRATE Bar, Queen's Yard


E9 5EN

How are companies using sustainability as an advantage to create bolder businesses and better solutions for their customers and the planet? frog Design have partnered with SILO, the world’s first Zero Waste restaurant as we explore the sustainable advantage, the behaviour of leaders and the power of partnership.

Experience food that respects the natural order, allowing ingredients to be themselves without unnecessary processing, set in a restaurant that is designed from the back to front, always with the bin in mind. Find inspiration from entrepreneurs and corporates addressing how to tackle climate change, biodiversity loss, waste and social obligations. You’ll exclusively get the chance to explore different views on the following themes. The Sustainable advantage. Must sustainability be seen just as a cost and baseline that all companies must hit, or can it create competitive advantage and be seen as a separate avenue for growth and innovation? The behaviours of leaders. Do you wait for your customers to set your sustainability agenda and signal their demand, or do you proactively set it and shape their behaviour through your strategy? The power of partnership. Can businesses succeed in their sustainability obligations alone, or can they identify and partner with their stakeholders to drive industrial change and create new technologies? Interested? Then please follow this link to get in touch