Introduction to Ceramics: Coiling technique

Partner Programme

23 — 24 Sept 2023

Craft, Materials

Learn the basics of how to work with clay. Hosted by Ruth María, a ceramist from Mexico, whose creative journey over the past ten years has been located in Japan, Australia, London and Mexico. She uses ceramics to craft narratives that celebrate the beauty of imperfection and authenticity.

Entes Mapal is a Ceramics Studio located in Hackney. Join us for a day to get an introduction on how to use the material. You will be able to create your own ceramic piece that can be shipped to you afterwards. During this workshop, you'll be guided by Ruth Maria in the step-by-step process of coiling. Coiling is a ceramic technique that involves gradually layering and shaping coils of clay. This method allows for incredible flexibility and creativity, resulting in breathtaking pottery pieces that showcase both form and function. From decorative bowls to intricate vases, coiling opens up a world of possibilities for artistic expression. Our workshop will be hosted at the courtyard of SPACE Studios located near London Fields.