KAORIUM: AI that translates scent to words

Partner Programme

17 Sept 2022

Digital, Industrial & Product Design, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Service Design

KAORIUM is the world's first AI system that verbalizes olfactory sensations through language. By utilizing big data and natural language processing technology, KAORIUM can express each scent and flavor using a wide range of vocabulary, while its unique UX smoothly guides people towards finding the scents they desire.

What happens when we bridge the gap between scent and language? KAORIUM brings the possibilities of such new experiences of scent and word into reality. The unprecedented experience of reading scents and smelling words heightens the sensitivity and resolution of our sense of smell and allows us to more fully immerse ourselves in the richness of scents. "Visualize scents with words" When a scent is placed on the coaster, the impression of the scent is visualized in words. By expressing sensory perceptions through language, scents that were once difficult to discern become more clearly perceivable. "Explore scents with words" Upon selecting a word representing your impression of a scent, associated scents are displayed on the screen. You can then smell and compare results to find the scent you desire. After repeating the process of selecting fragrances and words several times, the AI analyzes the tendency of your favorite fragrance and derives its impression as a scenic keyword. Through this process, you will be able to know the core essence of your favorite fragrance and choose the best one for you. The novel sensation of experiencing scents via language provided by KAORIUM is also expanding into various fields. At our exhibition, you can enjoy the extrasensory experience that enhances your sensibility by knowing your feeling towards the scent.