Kings and Crosses: Art-Drawings-Comics by Levi & Janos

Partner Programme

17, 20 — 24 Sept 2022

Art / Collectibles

Liszt Institute - Hungarian Cultural Centre London

17-19 Cockspur St,



Liszt Institute - Hungarian Cultural Centre London is presenting the artworks of Levi, a Hungarian illustrator/comics artists, selected from his comics "Kings and Crosses", "White Rocks" and planned poster designs of the film 1242- Gateway to the West.

Liszt Institute - Hungarian Cultural Centre London is dedicated to promoting the knowledge and appreciation of Hungarian art and artists in the UK through the organisation of a wide spectrum of innovative, classical and contemporary art-related programmes. The current selection on exhibit provides a comprehensive look at the artworks of Levi, including the most famous original drawings and graphics from his comics series -created with János Mészáros- called "Kings and Crosses", published all over Europe in the past years. Further works are selected from the coming graphic novel "White Cliffs"- Hunyadi and several illustrations from different historical books. The exhibition includes the planned film posters of the film 1242- Gateway to the West. Levi (Levente Németh) one of the most reputable Hungarian graphic designers. After graduating from The Hungarian University of Fine Arts he worked for international advertising agencies for decades. In 2002 he established his own graphic design studio and provides artistic designs for cultural and sport events in Hungary. His works received several awards including the Silver Dolphin of Cannes Corporate Media and TV awards. He started drawing graphic novels/comics in 2017. His first series of Kings and Crosses was nominated for the best Hungarian comics in 2019 and 2021, and it was published in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Austria. The current collection of his artwork includes 29 black and white and coloured drawings from his comics and illustrations of books exhibited earlier in art galleries at Paris, Brussels, Wien, Budapest and Helsinki. The exhibition is on view from September 16, 2022 to October 31, 2022 at 17-19 Cockspur St, London SW1Y 5BL.