Livesey Exchange by PEMPEOPLE

Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

17 — 18, 24 — 25 Sept 2022

Architecture / Landscape, Multi-Disciplinary Design, Fashion & Textiles, Art / Collectibles


Livesey Exchange

Livesey Exchange


SE15 1NE


After the success of last year’s two-day celebration of local design, arts and culture, Southwark South’s headline event ‘Permanent Temporary’ is back! Showcasing work by local residents and creators in Southwark, the weekend-long event will highlight the talents of the area with exhibitions, talks, music and more.

PEMPEOPLE will be collaborating with a number of partners such as TATE Collective: Lubaina Hamid Radiate Festival Jaffar Ali South East Salon This is Book Love Musical performance and a host of activities with Livesey Exchange residents and partner and will be arranging a visit to the new Livesey Exchange LEX 2on Lovegrove street to showcase the new community building