'Looking for a certain ratio‘

Partner Programme

18   —    26 Sep 2021

Graphic Design & Visual Communications, Other

14 Cavendish Square




In his graphic artworks, Angus searches for beautiful compositions and harmonies within sacred geometry, from striking combinations of pigmented colour to subtle pastels. Marion’s works on stone are exquisite compositions in miniature. Tactile and colourful, they are created in response to each stone and mood.

Entitled ‘Looking for a certain ratio‘, Angus’ intriguing series of compositions explore different relationships between three or more individual reference points. Painted at his London studio, the series references three different systems: the golden ratio, the ISO paper system (where all the ‘A’ sizes are based on the square root of 2) and the rule of thirds, which broadly speaking means that if a third of the space is filled, your composition will have a natural balance. Marion’s works in stone are created from individual pieces grouped together to form fascinating compositions—some are abstract, others spell out a subtle message for the viewer to discover. An award-winning artist and illustrator who publishes books encouraging creativity for both children and adults, Marion’s distinctive illustrations and instantly recognisable hand lettering have been commissioned by clients around the world.