Luca Bosani x Hypha Studios x LDF

Open Studio / Showroom

Partner Programme

20 Sept 2023

Multi-Disciplinary Design, Art / Collectibles

Hypha Studio

Unit 4, Stewart's Court



Based in Wandsworth, London - Luca Bosani (he/they b.1990, Rho, IT) is the recipient of the Free Studio Award with Hypha Studios. For London Design Festival 2023, the artist, in partnership with Hypha, is organising an Open Studio showcasing for the first time to the public his large work-in-progress project: UPO SHOP

With a whole new series of UPOs (Unidentified Performing Objects); the ‘shop’ explores the intersection between interior design, footwear retail and visual art. A hybrid space in the making - where high street design meets art installation - will be the home for a collection of unique UPOs that will be soon available to purchase. There will also be a talk 7.30pm-8.15pm with Luca and Hypha Studios, about the work that both Hypha and Luca do. Address: Unit 4, Stewart's Court, SW8 4UB, London, UK - next to Bag Books on Google Maps Bosani is a London-based multimedia artist, specialising in shoe art and performance. Through community building, the generation of inclusive environments and post-gender wearable art, Luca’s practice is a proposition to overcome inequalities, toxic masculinity and gender discrimination. In Particular, Bosani created the concept of UPOs (Unidentified Performing Objects). A UPO is a non-object, which rejects categorisation and pre-existing definitions. Taking the form of sculptural shoes, these non-identifiable objects are equally familiar and uncanny and can be experienced as portals, providing direct access to the multiverse of identities that inhabits us. Furthermore, the artist has created for himself an alter-ego as a private investigator working for a fictional company named TLSB. Taking the cinematographic stereotype of the private investigator (e.g. Humphrey Bogart as Philip Marlowe), Luca dismantles this hyper-masculine identity to introduce a queer private investigator in drag. The mysteries and conundrums which the investigator is asked to solve always involve UPOs, making Bosani - the private investigator and the artist - one of the most knowledgeable creatives working with shoe art today. About Hypha Studios Hypha Studios is a charity matching creatives with empty spaces & regenerating the high street with cultural hubs & events for local communities. By providing free studios & project space we act as an incubator for creatives to test new ideas without financial obstacles. We provide opportunities to those who might not be able to access space, support or visibility. In return for the free space, creatives organise public events, supporting the locality & benefiting the high street.