Manus Manum Lavat (One hand washes the other)

Partner Programme

16 — 24 Sept 2023

Interiors & Furniture, Art / Collectibles

Cromwell Place

4 Cromwell Place



Bringing people together through design. Rio Kobayashi invites to a show of collaborative designs and events.

One hand washes the other brings together design pieces that reflect Rio Kobayashi’s deep sense for relationships. Instead of using an opportunity to create his first solo exhibition, he chose to involve many other creators forming a collaborative exhibition and event space. Every piece is on display is a collaborative piece and the gallery space will co-exist as a living room for people enjoying the company of design objects and designers. From DJs, graphic designers and artists, the exhibition will give a little insight into what is most essential to Rio and his work – bringing people together and having fun. Rio’s motto could be mistaken for a hedonistic and superficial take on living, but the essence is that happiness is achievable by creating a life of quality both in materialistic world and in our inner world.