MultiPly by Waugh Thistleton Architects

Landmark Project

15 — 23 Sept 2018

Architecture / Landscape, Materials

Victoria & Albert Museum

Cromwell Road



The pavilion confronted two of the age’s biggest challenges – the need for housing and the urgency to fight climate change – and presents the fusion of modular systems and sustainable construction materials as a possible solution.

The permeable structure was built from a reusable cross-laminated timber (CLT) panel system made of 60cbm of American tulipwood. Director Andrew Waugh says it showed that modular architecture can provide not only efficient solutions but also enjoyable experiences: “The structure will lead people a merry dance up and down staircases and across bridges exploring space and light.” Waugh Thistleton joins an illustrious list of architects who have collaborated with AHEC and Arup on Landmark Projects for LDF. “Waugh Thistleton has been pioneering innovative uses of wood in construction for decades,” says David Venables, AHEC’s European Director. “MultiPly explores a new, more sustainable way of building, bringing together a readily available carbon-negative material – American tulipwood – with modular design.” “The project is also a chance to highlight the structural and aesthetic properties of CLT”, adds Carolina Bartram, Lead Project Director at Arup. “There is increasing topical discourse on the use of CLT as a material of choice for commercial and residential development. MultiPly provides a fabulous opportunity to showcase how advances in timber technology, together with a focus on modularity and efficiency, means we should embrace timber for future developments.” MultiPly was carbon neutral: all carbon emissions due to hardwood extraction and processing, together with fabrication and installation of the structure and all transport stages, are offset by the carbon stored in the finished structure and the energy generated by incineration of process wood waste. Designed by Waugh Thistleton Architects. Supported by the American Hardwood Export Council and engineered by Arup. With special thanks to: Allegheny Wood Products, Baillie Lumber Co., Bingaman Lumber Inc., Boss Lumber Co, Classic American hardwoods, Collins hardwood, Latham Timber, Northland Forest Products, Northwest Hardwoods, Parton Lumber and Thompson Hardwoods Inc. Further support from: SEAM, Atrium Ltd, MCI Grupo, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC), Glenalmond Timber and Stage One.