Partner Programme

16 — 18 Sept 2023

Craft, Digital, Graphic Design & Visual Communications, Industrial & Product Design, Interiors & Furniture, Fashion & Textiles, Art / Collectibles, Materials

LAC Gallery

189 Piccadilly, St. James's




"On Purple: The Purpose of Hue" exhibition will be a sensory delight and a feast for the mind. It is an exploration of the various dimensions of the colour purple, from its symbolism in different cultures to its widespread use in art, fashion, design, technology, and nature.

From 16th September to 18th September 2023, London Art Collective (LAC) is pleased to present an exhibition entitled “On Purple: The Purpose of Hue”. This extraordinary exhibition as a part of the 21st London Design Festival 2023, taking place within the Mayfair Design District. The exhibition features nearly 50 pieces by both international and local artists, these works span painting, sculpture, prints, photography, new media art, installation and other media, and each carefully selected from the curatorial team. “On Purple: The Purpose of Hue” creates a space that embraces the power of purple and its profound symbolic meaning. This exhibition stands among of recent major exhibitions of LAC focus on both emerging and established artists who delve into various dimensions of the colour purple. These dimensions range from its symbolism in different cultures to its widespread utilisation in art, fashion, design, technology, and nature. The curatorial rationale regards colour as a sensory material through which individuals can experience specific emotions, with the goal of illustrating that the sensations linked to the colour purple can truly provoke the audience to contemplate the philosophy behind it. The deliberate choice of the title "On Purple," echoing the phonetic resemblance to "On Purpose," serves to underscore our intention to curate an exhibition centred around the theme of purple. This title holds deeper significance, signifying not just a hue but a purpose. As a result, this exhibition takes on a profound importance, emanating a distinctive and captivating aura. “On Purple: The Purpose of Hue” was curated by Hanlin Qin and assistant curator Yan Xie. To challenge the dominance of white cube, the curatorial team collaborate with Berlin based artist Lizz Lunney to renovate the exterior facade of the entire building, this dynamic partnership has given rise to a 10-metre thematic installation outside the exhibition space. The conventional boundaries of artistic expression are set to be redefined as this collaborative effort between the curatorial team and Lizz Lunney to bring an innovative vision. The exterior facade of the venue, will witness to a remarkable transformation, offering attendees an immersive experience even before entering the exhibition space. Equally, the collaboration resonates with the core vision of the exhibition, striving to transcend conventional thought patterns, encouraging individuals to explore a multitude of viewpoints and solutions for social challenges, promoting dialogue and understanding. Participating artists: Helen Ashton, Jonathan Bennett, REGEN (Jiangyu Cai), Chen Chen, Chunhan Chen, Yuyang Cheng, Tinchan Cheung, CLADOGRAM - Xin Cheng, Yuxuan Hou, Jingwei Xu, Ji Luo, Evangelia Dimitrakopoulou, Charlotte Farmer, Xinyu Gao, Lucille Huang, Paul Huxley, Emily Lazerwitz, Mengyuan Li, Tong Song, Xingwen Qu, Xingyu Zhao, Oli Li, Shiqi Li, Siying Li, Xiafei Li, Yaqi Li, QiuQian (Erica) Lin, LinD, Bohan Liu, Cecilia-Xixi Liu, Clara (Yanjun Liu), Guangyuan Liu, Yixu Liu, Zheyi Liu, Lorie (Yi Lu), Neil (Yufei Zhang), Zheming Zhang, Shiwei Guo, Sonia Martin, Paul Mcbride, Chang Meng, “MISMSIM” by Jialong Miao, Ayaka Morito, Ellie Niblock, Qian Ye, Nana Shiomi, Xue Tong, Yijuan Wang, Zichun Wang, Zusa Zemon Wang, Xiangfei Yan, Ranyi Yang, Weiran Yao, Yunjie Yao, Tingru Zhang, Zixiong Zhou, Rivers (Qinnan Zhu),YANG II