Participatory design processes: improving public participation in public space

Global Design Forum

21 Sept 2022


Victoria & Albert Museum

Cromwell Road

Hochhauser Auditorium




Supported by ExploreStation

In conversation with Sahar Fikouhi (Darf Design), David Weir-McCall (Epic Games), Torange Khonsari (London Metropolitan University) and Suhair Khan (Open-Ended Design)

How can new technologies empower the public to design their cities? In this panel, we will explore how new technologies can be used today to create new forms of engagement, participation and knowledge and build better places and cities in the future. From mobile apps and augmented reality to metaverse platforms, the potential of these technologies to democratise the design processes is widely unexplored and can radically transform how cities, the commons and their values will be shaped in the near future.