Pug Fun, Machine Shop Special Effects

Partner Programme

23 — 25 Sept 2022

Graphic Design & Visual Communications, Art / Collectibles

Machine Shop Special Effects

180 Acton Lane


NW10 7NH

Machine Shop Special Effects’ inaugural submission to the London Design Festival is a salute to their trusty office pug; Monty. Visible from the street, so come and have a wander by. But remember to be on best behaviour, because Monty is watching you too!

Machine Shop Special Effects began life over 30 years ago, a stalwart of the Park Royal film industry, providing in camera effects, atmospherics, models and, of course, machines. Now active across sectors as diverse as Architecture, Interactive Exhibition, Events/Parties and Art Fabrication, there is very little Machine Shop cannot do. For this years London Design Festival they are proud to have joined the Park Royal Design District, displaying on their roof an optical illusion, inspired by and dedicated to Monty the Office Pug. Design is best when its done with fun, Pug Fun!!!