Solar Outdoor Lighting Solutions Limited (SOLS)

Open Studio / Showroom

Partner Programme

18   —    26 Sep 2021

Industrial & Product Design

Standard Studios

9-11 Standard Rd,

Park Royal


NW10 6EX

Solar Outdoor Lighting Solutions Ltd (SOLS), is a cutting edge new outdoor lighting brand using solar technology to power bright and reliable lights. The brand has its roots in off-grid living and is just as useful on a camping trip as it is in a respectable garden setting.

Marcus is a qualified electrician and has been running his own electrical business in London for the last ten years. Having worked on many electrical systems and garden installations he recognised there was a need for quality solar garden lights. From the initial concept it was then quickly recognised that this system could work well with off-grid living too. Now that SOLS is underway as a company, Marcus has stopped his electrical work to focus full time on the company, developing the lights, concepts, and brand. SOLS is a Bluetooth SIG member and is in the process of developing an APP that not only controls the lights but also monitors the battery and solar output from the solar panel. This gives the user more information about how to best maximise the efficiency and use of the lights to gain best function. Going off-grid always presents problems, but especially these days with the ever increasing need to charge electronic devices. SOLS Off-Grid is maximising the existing tech available to provide products that function well, but also has an eye for the future as battery and solar technology rapidly improves. Solar garden lights a prototype camping light and further information about the company will be on display.