Surface Tension Virtual Exhibiton

Exhibition / Installation

Partner Programme

18   —    26 Sep 2021

Surface Tension is a virtual exhibition that focuses on realising the positive impact materials have on the human body. From gloves designed for NASA astronauts to textiles that capture carbon. The multi-disciplinary platform envisions a future where the body and surface are considered simultaneously.

Surface Tension is a digital exhibition, event, and platform devoted to realising the potential materials can have on the human body across varied creative disciplines. The exhibition features works from various material designers, artists, fashion designers, architects, and scientists. The works focus on materials that have the intended effect of protecting, sustaining or improving the function of the human body. From Final Frontier Design’s Mechanical Counter-Pressure gloves for NASA, to the potential of the anti-viral properties of seaweed by Clean Valley, and clothing brand By Borre exhibits their open-source tool for designers to create sustainably. This exhibition is designed to host both speculative materials concepts and projects which are currently on the market or in the process of being manufactured. While using this as a showcase for what materials are available, this will also be intended to accelerate the progress of the industry, for a future where the body and surface are considered simultaneously.