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18 — 26 Sept 2021

Graphic Design & Visual Communications, Other


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Why Sustainable Branding Matters? Sustainable branding means products or services that communicate and engage customers to leave a positive impact on the world. As such, the bread and butter is proposing three key action plans : Sustainable Guideline, Tailored Brand Communications, and Distinctive Yet Green Design

The word 'sustainability is often associated with environmental issues, we must start considering how sustainability can relate to the economic and social aspects of our lives. As the significance of ESG increases, companies have been investing billions of dollars into developing 'sustainable products' instead of investing in sustainable branding. These three key principles are the bread and butter’s sustainable branding action plans. 1) Sustainable Guideline After the creation of a brand, it is often the norm to just simply hand it off to the client and mark the end of the project. However, sustainable branding goes the extra mile by holding an internal brand audit as well as provides clients with strategic management tools to clients that guide them to manage a brand in a consistent manner. 2) Tailored Brand Communications the bread and butter approach branding as a true communication message fits perfectly with the brand's value and resonates with customer's daily lives, which in turn creates rich brand engagement. 3) Distinctive Yet Green Design In addition to strategic yet sensible brand design, package design must minimize print effects and consider incorporating compostable, regenerative, recyclable features.