Unimaginable Futures

Global Design Forum

25 Sept 2022

Craft, Multi-Disciplinary Design

Victoria & Albert Museum

Cromwell Road

Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre




Supported by META

In conversation with Riya Patel (Curator), Yosuke Ushigome (Takram), Jonathan Formento (jformento), Seetal Solanki (Matter), Patrick Jensen (Horizon), Gareth Dauncey (Mood) and Luke Pearson (You + Pea)

• What does design mean in 10-50 years in a rapidly evolving and boundless world? • Harnessing the capacity for engagement and buy in that can be achieved with digital storytelling and world building to achieve positive futures • What new technologies can help us to imagine the future and craft innovative design solutions for a better world? • How will immersive experiences, virtual environments and mixed reality change the way we design and the world we design for?