Unleash Artistic Brilliance with best-in-class digital drawing solutions

Partner Programme

16 — 24 Sept 2023

Digital, Other

Xencelabs (pronounced “sense labs”), - and its full line of professional pen tablets, premium pen display, and Quick Keys remote control - offers an extraordinary blend of innovative technology and artistry to creatives.

“While many companies in the digital design business focus on little more than technological advancements, Xencelabs understands that a designer’s soul is at the heart of every stroke, line and shade,” says Paul Grotowski, Xencelabs Head of EMEA, “Our products have been designed with feedback and input from industry leading artists enabling us create outstanding digital drawing tools that we hope will be the new choice for the creative community.” The Pen Display 24, launched by Xencelabs earlier this year, emphasizes minimalism yet powerful functionality. It has as much design as needed, and as few designs as possible to make it pure in its overall appearance and approach. To ensure a distraction-free environment for designers, it minimizes glare on its glass screen, all cluttered decorations, buttons and cooling fans. To extend the boundary of designers’ artistic expression, it duplicates the natural feel of drawing on paper, captures every personalized stroke by highly responsive pressure curve, offers comfort and ergonomics by a vast drawing space, slim enough bezel yet supporting palms, and an adjustable tilt stand. It isn’t just a tool. It helps designers to unleash their artistic brilliance, to translate what they dream into reality. Xencelabs was founded in 2019, by a group of experienced creative design professionals. In 2021, the company unveiled its first product, the Pen Tablet Medium Bundle, including an 8mm-thick tablet that blends sleek design with ergonomics and the Quick Keys, the industry-first remote control with an integrated OLED display that enables artists to easily incorporate shortcut keys into their regular workflow. Later in 2021 Xencelabs also launched the Pen Tablet Small, which offers portability for designers who are often on the go and is perfect for those with limited desk space. Xencelabs released the Special Edition Pen Tablet Medium Bundle SE in 2022. Providing an alternative to a black graphics tablet, this edition comes in Nebula white which is ideal for creatives with a lighter workspace aesthetic. Xencelabs Webinar Combining Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign with Xencelabs devices amplifies creative workflow. Photoshop excels in image manipulation, Illustrator in vector graphics, and InDesign in layout design, while Xencelabs offers customisable shortcuts and pressure-sensitive pen technology. These applications and tools synergise, allowing for efficient retouching, masking, vector art creation, and layout design. Adobe's commitment to integration and Xencelabs' innovative drive converge, providing an ecosystem where creativity thrives. This collaboration enhances productivity and maintains high standards of quality and precision. As a result, the partnership between Adobe software and Xencelabs devices empowers digital artists and designers, propelling the realm of digital creativity to new heights. About Xencelabs Xencelabs is a global company providing best-in-class digital drawing solutions enabling creative professionals to expand their creativity and enhance productivity. Xencelabs was founded in 2019 by professionals with experience that spans varied disciplines in industrial design, animation, VFX, illustration, software, engineering, IT, sales, marketing, government, and education. We’re dedicated to designing digital drawing tools that facilitate artistic expression. Our goal is to build communities and collaboration with other industry leaders. We aim to create tools that are intuitive and a natural extension of the creative process.