Partner Programme

21   —    26 Sep 2021


18c River Street



New furniture brand Vaarnii holds its international launch at twentytwentyone’s Back + Forth exhibition. Setting out to introduce a distinctly Finnish design language, Vaarnii presents an inaugural product line-up of ‘brutal but sophisticated’ furniture and home accessories, crafted in Finland from wild-grown pine.

Launched in 2021, Vaarnii is a furniture company with a uniquely Finnish perspective. On a mission to kickstart a new era in furniture design, the brand creates striking yet simple objects rooted in function and defined by material. The result is a brutal yet sophisticated aesthetic, a transparent materiality, and a collection of contemporary furniture that will endure for generations. Vaarnii’s first collection is made exclusively from wild Scots Pine – the most abundant wood in Finland – and each subsequent collection will focus on a different material.