Talking nature, wellbeing and biophilic design

The undisputed healing power of nature is the key to The Little Greene Paint Company’s latest collection. With a palette inspired by forest environments, the aim is to inspire audiences to “change the atmosphere of any room to create tranquil, positive spaces that make us feel nurtured, harnessing the calming effects of nature indoors,” says Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene.

Here, Mottershead shares how to channel the power of green in our homes.

What was the inspiration behind the ‘Forest’ collection?

The sense of wellbeing that we gain from time outside in the natural world has resulted in a desire to re-create this sense of connection and positivity in our homes, driving a renewed love for greens of all hues, as well as biophilic design.

Leaf wallpaper prints, dense foliage-based patterns, rich deep woodland hues and earthy, natural shades are being used alongside a myriad of green colours to really bring a sense of the outdoors in.

Little Greene
How can nature positively impact the way we navigate our homes?

Greens are fairly neutral (they often contain both blue and red) and come in varying undertones and depths, which makes them incredibly versatile. They work wonderfully in any room as a natural extension of the exterior, giving the impression of bringing the outside in.

What’s your best advice for creating a tranquil environment?

When looking to create a tranquil home environment, it’s not just about pattern and colour. As well as bringing in natural tones of green, warm neutral hues and earthy grounding shades, consider your other surfaces and finishes too. Choose those that offer a subtle nod to nature, opting for natural materials such as stone, wood, wicker and rattan. These are all increasingly popular as we continue to embrace the beauty of the natural world in our homes.